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BetKing Partners With Gamble Alert to Promote Responsible Gaming in Nigeria

BetKing has recently renewed its partnership with Gamble Alert in Nigeria, a testament to the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of our players and the community.

The collaboration aims at building on a shared mission to prioritize responsible gaming in Nigeria. By working together, efforts educate players on responsible gaming practices will be enhanced. Furthermore, Critical support will be provided to those struggling with gambling-related challenges.

Gossy Ukanwoke, Managing Director, BetKing emphasized, “At BetKing, we recognize our role in promoting responsible gaming practices and safeguarding the welfare of our customers. Our partnership with Gamble Alert is an ongoing commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our customers and the broader community.

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“Through our partnership, we aim to amplify our efforts to educate players on responsible gaming practices and provide robust support systems for those grappling with gambling-related challenges. We believe that by working together, we can reduce gambling risks, foster awareness, and implement safeguards within the gaming industry.” he added.

Similarly, Gamble Alert’s Chief Executive Officer, Fisayo Oke, emphasized the importance of such collaborations. “Our partnership with BetKing aims to assist individuals struggling with gambling addiction and related problems. By investing in responsible gambling practices, the industry ensures that support is readily available for those in need.”

The renewed partnership marks the third consecutive year of collaboration between BetKing (KingMakers) and Gamble Alert.

According to BetKing, the company has vowed to continue its dedication to promoting responsible gaming practices and prioritizing the well-being of its customers. Additionally, the company has committed to continue its efforts in research, public awareness, and treatment support.

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