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betPawa Unveil Winners for Season 2 Dream Makers in Kenya and Tanzania

Dream Makers is a betPawa corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that aims to fulfill the aspirations of its customer base. Dream Maker was established in 2021.

In October, the Dream Bus traveled traverse these two countries, inviting individuals from the Ruvuma, Mtwara, and Lindi regions in Tanzania and Nairobi, Kakamega, Eldoret, Nakuru, and Mombasa from Kenya to get inside and express their hopes. Many more came in online, and betPawa looked over every one of them before choosing 40 to assist in realizing their dreams.

Here are some of the Dream Makers and their excitement.


To be able to better serve the needs of the underprivileged in his community, particularly children and malnourished pregnant women, David is growing his Kajiado Central health facility. He remarked, “By promoting this facility, many people will enjoy affordable health benefits with efficiency.”

A glass recycling facility in Eldoret, to be opened by Violet’s Old Uganda Road Youth Group, will accomplish more than just safeguard the environment. She said, “It will help with providing employment to people living with disabilities and this will also enable them to support their families,”

Samuel was astounded to learn that Makindu had so little access to potable water upon his return to Kenya from Australia. He installed a solar borehole pump after the hole had been dug. “This will improve the livelihood of Makindu as the community will be able to access water,” he noted.

In Mombasa County, 001FM is “a beacon of hope and opportunity for the youth,” and Brian desires to see it grow. To get in front of more people, he plans to buy an FM frequency and necessary equipment. With the community’s knowledge base expanded, the station will be able to provide support to local artists and provide educational content.

Robert; illuminates his neighborhood market with street lights to improve the working conditions for vendors

Allan; enlarging his DSTV hall to accommodate additional community members for group match viewing

Felix; providing new equipment to Usacli FC as a sponsor to aid in their restoration efforts

Geoffrey; growing his catering company to reach his full culinary potential and hire more staff

Collins; establishing a pool table station in Kangemi so that locals can unwind and mingle

Simon; establishing an ATM and milk pasteurizer in Kakamega to empower dairy producers

Vyoleen; adding more equipment to her barbershop and adding spa services so she could provide massages

Eliud; Having a tuk-tuk allows you to move water more effectively and in larger quantities

Evans; expanding his online company to train five times as many young people

Edwin; remodeled his boxing gym to grow the sport and provide jobs

Isaac; launching a fruit cart mobile business to offer salads, juices, smoothies, and fruit

Otieno; buying a new laptop and glasses to aid in their academic endeavors

Timothy; possesses a water purification device to enhance the quality of water for both himself and others

Erastus; Purchasing a printing press and heat press to provide T-shirt printing services in Kawangware

Musa; supporting Mombasa Olympic FC financially so they can buy new uniforms and gear

Abigael; acquiring equipment for incubating eggs to launch a communal chicken business

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Herman is getting ready to start a facility that turns waste oil into cooking fuel for stoves. He intends to utilize them to prevent deforestation and save the environment in homes, restaurants, schools, colleges, and soap manufacturers.

He added: “If I succeed in fulfilling my dream, I will provide employment to the community in the factory and in the market, and I will call this stove the Pawa stove.”

Anania is adamant about seeing the Nangomba Clinic dispensary building through to completion. “The current building is damaged and unsafe for providing health services,” he clarified.

In a bid to help the farmers and breeders in Sanya Juu, Kilimanjaro, who are experiencing a water crisis, Eric plans to pump water from a well. “We can grow vegetables and water our livestock if we get water,” he said.

A brand-new three-wheeled car is being delivered to Khadija in Dar es Salaam for her professional use. The proceeds from this will cover her son’s monthly sickle cell clinic visits, daily medication costs, food, and school expenses.

In addition, Samson is set to open a recording studio in Kahama to maximize his musical production skills and provide others the same chance. “It will enable me and my peers to generate revenue through our skill and originality in the musical arts,” he declared.

Ismail; giving sporting equipment to impoverished youth so they can further their talents.

Delphinus; establishing a forging, welding, and aluminum workshop to provide yearly training for twenty youth

Yusra; has her own business to provide for her family and generate employment in her neighborhood

Yuda; After working in other people’s salons, he decided to advance his career by starting his nail salon.

Adam; establishing a sports snack bar where patrons can watch live basketball and football

Bernadette; purchased grain milling and threshing equipment to raise money for her kids’ schooling

James M.; establishing up to five chip shops and providing job opportunities for others

James N.; Relocating to a larger tailoring facility with updated machinery and instructing youth in sewing

Erick; establishing a studio to assist him and his colleagues in their photographic and video graphic endeavors

The Gambishi; Having a threshing and grinding machine to support his ailing mother

Timothy; Investing in a refrigerator and ice makers to start a new ice cube-selling company

Sofia; obtained a printer to print and duplicate pictures and lift her family out of poverty

Husna; Putting up a lounge with drink service and football games to cheer people up after a difficult period

Bartalome; acquired a water tank, pressure washer, and additional supplies to start a car-washing company.

Ozwad; acquired the equipment for a wood-cutting machine to increase his efficiency as a carpenter

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