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Botswana Responsible Gambling Manager Portia Diteko at The Responsible Gambling Summit 2023

Gambling Authority’s Responsible Gambling Manager (RG), Portia Diteko was amongst panelists on a discussion entitled ‘How do academics, regulators and treatment providers think that responsible gambling messages can be improved’.

Portia had the opportunity to highlight that, in recent years, the issue of problem gambling has gained increased attention in Botswana, prompting a critical examination of the factors that contribute to its prevalence.

As a result, the Gambling Authority has undertaken research to delve into the root causes and identified crucial factors: the pervasive stigmatization of gambling was identified as a stumbling block to the effective mitigation of problem gambling.

”One of the primary findings of our research revolves around the need for a paradigm shift in the mindset towards gambling. Rather than perpetuating the stigma associated with the activity, our messages aim to foster a responsible gambling culture. We recognize that lack of knowledge regarding the distinction between problem gambling and responsible gambling can be a significant contributor to the issue. Hence, our initiatives focus on education and awareness to equip individuals with the skills necessary for responsible gambling.” said the Responsible Gambling Manager.

Stigmatization of the gambling industry exacerbates the problem by driving individuals into hiding rather than seeking help. Many people who are experiencing issues with gambling hesitate to access solutions due to fear of judgment.

A critical aspect uncovered by our research is the prevalence of illegal gambling among those seeking help for problem gambling. Surprisingly, a considerable number of individuals, including children, involved in illegal gambling activities have approached our organization for assistance. This underscores the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to address not only problem gambling but also the associated legal issues surrounding illicit gambling activities. Encouraging a responsible gambling mindset through education and awareness.

Our commitment is to effect real change in the landscape of gambling-related issues. By addressing the root causes of problem gambling, fostering a responsible gambling mindset, and dismantling the stigma surrounding the industry, we aim to create an environment where individuals feel empowered to seek help without fear of judgment. It is imperative that we acknowledge and tackle the complex interplay between responsible and problematic gambling to build a safer and more informed gambling culture.

“A Diversified, Compliant and Safe Gambling Industry.”

Source: Botswana Gambling Authority

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