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Chapa and Safaricom M-PESA Form Partnership for Streamlined Payment Solutions in Ethiopia

Safaricom M-PESA Mobile Financial Services PLC and Chapa Financial Technologies Share Company have formed a partnership to offer M-PESA services on Chapa’s payment aggregator platform to businesses, government agencies, and entrepreneurs.

The partnership intends to improve transaction simplicity in the Ethiopian market for M-PESA users as well as merchants.

This arrangement allows businesses that use Chapa’s payment gateway system to accept payments from Safaricom M-PESA users. Concurrently, M-PESA users can use Chapa’s checkout to quickly and securely pay businesses.

Chapa is one of the rapidly growing payment system operators in Ethiopia and partnering with them complements our goal of making M-PESA available everywhere. The digitization process in Ethiopia has picked up momentum and such partnerships further enhance the ease with which people make their transactions.

Paul Kavavu, General Manager, Safaricom M-PESA Mobile Financial Services PLC

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Chapa, on the other hand, views this collaboration as a chance to grow its customer base and provide its merchants with more options for payment methods. In addition, Chapa offers a simplified, entirely online onboarding procedure for merchants, guaranteeing comfort and convenience at every stage.

M-PESA has been received warmly here in Ethiopia as demonstrated by its onboarding of over a million customers in its first three months. Partnering with them allows merchants using our payment gateway to easily transact with this rapidly growing customer base. Therefore, the partnership helps both parties grow together while empowering entrepreneurs and businesses.

Nael Hailemariam, Co-Founder and CEO, Chapa

Established in 2020 by a group of Ethiopian engineers, researchers, and businesspeople, the company has its headquarters in Addis Ababa. Chapa is a data engineering and financial services company based in Ethiopia. The primary impetus for Chapa’s founding was the unavoidable rise in international trade, which has been evidently hampered by cumbersome payment systems.

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