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Collaboration Essential for Achieving AML & Data Protection Goals in the African iGaming Industry: Beatrice Baiden

Beatrice Baiden, the Corporate Affairs Head of the Gaming Commission in Ghana, discusses with iGaming AFRIKA actions to combat money laundering and enhance data protection for the gaming industry in Africa. AML Data Protection Africa iGaming

Beatrice emphasizes the need for increased collaboration between gaming operators and regulators to combat money laundering and terrorism financing within the African gambling sector.

She highlights the vulnerability of the sector to exploitation by criminals who constantly strive to outsmart operators. AML Data Protection Africa iGaming

“Regulators from our standpoint should come up with policies and regulations in collaboration with the stakeholders.

“We as the operator can’t operate in a vacuum, we need to engage our operators, we need to engage our operators and look out for policies that would be suitable for all.” states Beatrice Baiden

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The discussion underscored the significance of proactive measures and effective regulation to safeguard the integrity of the gaming industry in Africa.

By fostering a unified approach that promotes transparency and accountability, Baiden believes that stakeholders can work together to combat illicit activities and ensure a secure gaming environment for all.

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