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Increased Internet Access and Mobile Usage Driving iGaming Businesses Growth in Africa

The iGaming industry in Africa is rapidly growing and transforming, driven by improved internet access and widespread mobile phone usage.

According to a report from Africa Business Communities, the iGaming industry in Africa has overcome challenges related to limited internet access and high technology costs. Thanks to improved connectivity and affordable smartphones, the landscape has seen significant changes.

The report highlights the game-changing impact of enhanced internet infrastructure, which has provided gamers with faster and more seamless online experiences. This has contributed to the industry’s growth, exemplified by countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Affordable smartphones have also played a crucial role in making iGaming more accessible to a broader demographic. By breaking down previous barriers, these devices have been instrumental in driving the industry’s expansion throughout the region.

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Statistics indicate a steady rise in iGaming activities across Africa, thanks to increased internet penetration and widespread mobile phone usage. The market has seen the emergence of new online gaming platforms and an increase in user numbers.

For example, South Africa has experienced substantial growth in sports betting, driven by infrastructural improvements, a growing interest in betting, and sports popularity. Between 2016 and 2019, the South African iGaming market grew by 29%, reaching a total value of ZAR2.3 billion. It is projected to reach ZAR4 billion by 2024.

Among the African countries, Nigeria is leading the way with an impressive player base of approximately 60 million individuals. Primarily comprised of young locals, this thriving community actively involves itself in various gambling activities. Although Nigeria boasts a larger user base, South Africa leads in market value due to its casino sector, closely followed by sports betting.

Kenya, ranking third in both player base and market value, has a thriving sports betting market with a particular focus on football, reflecting the younger population’s strong interest in the sport.

Despite some challenges, such as regulatory hurdles in certain countries, experts predict continued growth for the iGaming industry in Africa. Ongoing improvements in internet speeds, the proliferation of smartphones, and a gradually improving regulatory environment are expected to drive further expansion.

As the trends of improving internet speeds and smartphone availability persist, the future of iGaming in Africa looks bright, promising abundant opportunities and future growth, as highlighted by the report.

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