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UAE to see the Opening of Wynn Al Marjan Island in 2027

Early 2027 will mark the grand opening of Wynn Al Marjan Island, the latest addition to the Wynn Resorts family, situated in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. This remarkable beachfront resort draws inspiration from the serene seascape of Al Marjan Island, a picturesque collection of four islands. Wynn Al Marjan Island UAE

Nestled in a pristine location with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, the majestic Wynn Al Marjan Island stands tall, reaching over 1,000 feet above the sparkling sea. This unparalleled destination offers guests an elevated luxury experience, with top-notch entertainment and gaming facilities that are second to none.

The US-based developer and luxury resort operator’s inaugural project in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) area aims to establish a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking sea views, the modern world-class hotel will seamlessly blend the warmth and serenity of the ocean setting.

The anticipated cost of the Wynn Al Marjan Island project is estimated to be around USD 3.9 billion. This development is expected to significantly contribute to the Emirate’s position as a prominent international tourist spot, generating economic benefits through tourism and employment opportunities. Additionally, it will facilitate the growth of related industries. The construction of the foundation commenced earlier this year.

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The luxurious essence of the brand will be showcased in the approximately 1,500 lavishly designed rooms, suites, and villas offered by the brand. Guests can anticipate a diverse range of entertainment, including a gaming area, as well as 24 dining and lounge options. The resort will also provide innovative spa and wellness experiences, a high-end shopping area, a modern events center, and a theater featuring a one-of-a-kind production show. To enhance the overall experience, the resort will cater to both extended stays and day trips from nearby Emirates, providing a plethora of exciting activities such as nightly state-of-the-art laser and light shows.

The design concept for Wynn Al Marjan Island draws inspiration from both the picturesque environment surrounding the resort and the renowned design style of Wynn Resorts. The magnificent curved shape of the island’s beach is replicated in the podium structure, reminiscent of a grand opera house, allowing for breathtaking vistas of the beach, ocean, and the horizon. With a plethora of dining options along the promenade facing the beach, every guest at Wynn Al Marjan Island will relish the panoramic views of the sea.

“We have spent the past year meticulously programming and concepting Wynn Al Marjan Island, carefully considering its unique location. I am incredibly proud of our design and development team’s ability to impart our legacy of rich, thoughtful design into a sun-soaked beachside resort that will delight customers, new and old. We look forward to opening Wynn Al Marjan Island in early 2027.”said Craig Billings, CEO of Wynn Resorts,

The new resort on Al Marjan Island, developed by Marjan, showcases Ras Al Khaimah’s expanding global status as a prime investment location for top-tier hospitality ventures. With an ever-expanding collection of lavish five-star hotels and residential properties that provide an extensive array of facilities and services, along with an impressive 7.8 kilometers of pristine beaches and 23 kilometers of waterfront, Al Marjan Island is swiftly evolving into a premier resort destination on an international scale.

Ras Al Khaimah, known for its commitment to sustainability and its close bond with nature, is experiencing remarkable growth in the tourism sector within the MENA region. Its impressive historical preservation, abundance of archaeological treasures, and diverse range of nature tourism options have contributed to its recognition as one of CNN Travel’s top 50 destinations for 2023. Additionally, the Emirate’s allure has earned it a spot on TIME magazine’s prestigious World’s Greatest Places list in 2022.

Source: iGB Wynn Al Marjan Island UAE

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