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Introducing the nominees for the 2023 Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA)

The annual Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA) is an initiative to honor, promote, and celebrate the wide range of video games produced on the continent. Compared to its regional peers, the sector in Africa is still relatively new. Here, we will introduce a list of nominees for the GIAA 2023 awards.

Recognizing the talent pool can support ongoing development and serve as an inspiration for the upcoming generation of developers and creators.

The African gaming business has had yet another successful year. As a result, it has become extremely difficult to condense and highlight the accomplishments of all the influential people into their corresponding categories.

Being nominated is a fantastic achievement in an environment that advances dramatically each year; therefore, this should be celebrated as a testament to the active nature of this industry.

Let us look into some of the categories and nominees for the 2023 GIAA:

Industry Initiative of the Year

This award honors technical accomplishments from the previous 12 months that combine business acumen with technical skills to advance the gaming industry.

Game Hub Senegal
Formal Game Education in Ghana
New Edutainment Platform for Pupils
Artist Training Program
Jiwe Studios jam against slavery

Event of the Year

This award honors organizations that educate the world about the rich and dynamic game development ecosystem on the continent.

Africa Games Week (South Africa)
AfricaComicade (Nigeria)
Arabic Games Conference (Egypt / Remote)
Fak’ugesi Festival (South Africa)
Playtopia (South Africa)

Community of the Year

This award honors those who are at the forefront of mobilizing local support, whether in person or virtually, for developers, creators, and the industry.

The Tribe (Nigeria)
Africacomicade (Nigeria)
The Gaming Academy (Remote)

Industry Hub of the Year

This award honors physical entities that have fostered the greatest atmosphere, supplied necessary resources, and fostered an environment that encourages talent to realize their creative goals.

Tshimologong – Digital Innovation Precinct (South Africa)
Game Hub Senegal (Senegal)
Nairobi Game Development Centre (Kenya)
CrazyLabs Cape Town (South Africa)

GIAA One to Watch

This award aims to honor the talents across the continent by identifying people who have the potential to have a significant influence as individuals, as a team, or through the project they are working on.

Illusion (Egypt)
The Wagadu Chronicles (Ghana / Berlin)
Mini Settlers (Egypt)
Anger Foot (South Africa)
Hot Bunz (South Africa)
Legends of Orisha (Nigeria)
Zombie Within (Tunisia)
Zamakan (Egypt)
Metavoidal (South Africa)
Dungeon Crawler (South Africa)
Deviant X (Nigeria)
Wrestling with Emotions (South Africa)  
Martha’s Dolls (Morocco)
Haventrove (South Africa)
Virago Herstory 2 (Nigeria)
Shadowstalk (Algeria)
Bit ESC (Egypt)
The InBetween (Nigeria)
Poached: Hunt The Hunter (South Africa)

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Rising Star Award

The goal of this award is to honor the upcoming generation of creators who are working hard to leave a lasting impact on the video game industry.

Dooshima Anger
Studio Bolland
Ayo Ayomide
Tiny Baby Crown
SpaceSalad Studios
Inuv8 Studios
Pineapple on Pizza
Kunta Content
Function Unknown
Honest Chronicle
Yellow Lab Games
Clockwork Acorn
Mergery Wanjiru

Debut of the Year

This award will go to the game, project, or organization that has had the biggest influence during the previous 12 months.

Ethiopian Fit, Jaktech (Ethiopia)
Aki and Pawpaw (Nigeria)
Nouns Hunt (Nigeria)
Outliver: Tribulations (Nigeria)
Colored Effects (Morocco)
Dungeons & Jewels (Egypt)

Most Impactful Mobile Game

This award is intended to honor a mobile-first project that has spread conversation over the continent, either by means of its creative mechanics, payment system, or financial success. GIAA 2023 Nominees

Terra Nil (South Africa)
Shrokey (Ghana)
Puzzle Scout (Ghana)
Tiomi (Kenya)
Fighters Run (Tunisia)

PC Game of the Year

This award seeks to recognize a PC-first project that has generated conversation around the continent and beyond due to its creative mechanics, unique payment system, or strong financial performance.

Stasis Bone Totem (South Africa)
Terra Nil (South Africa)
West Hunt (Tunisia)
Colored Effects (Morocco)
The Moroccan Castle 3 (Morocco)

Team of the Year

This award honors the accomplishments of a team, organization, or cooperative entity that came together and overcame overwhelming obstacles to produce something genuinely exceptional. GIAA Nominees

NewGen Studios (Tunisia)
Free Lives (South Africa)
Leti Arts (Ghana)
Qene Games (Ethiopia)
The Brotherhood (South Africa)
24 Bit Games (South Africa)

Game of the Year

This award is given to the game that has improved the public’s understanding of what it means to be an African-developed game, either via innovative gameplay mechanics, the extraordinary work of a singular team, or by reaching new commercial or critical heights.

Terra Nil (South Africa)
Stasis: Bone Totem (South Africa)
Puzzle Scout (Ghana)
Fighters Run (Tunisia)

Person(s) of the year

This award honors a person who, through unwavering vision and determination, has achieved notable commercial or critical success, served as an unwavering champion, or served as a catalyst for the expansion of the African gaming sector.

Hugo Obi (Nigeria)
Dominique Gawlowski (South Africa)
Eyram Tawia (Ghana)
Seifeddine BenHamouda (Tunisia)
Limpho Moeti (South Africa)
Michel Nkuindja (Cameroon)
Luke Lamothe (South Africa)
Ayman Jbari (Morocco)

Winners will be announced in December 2023.

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