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LGRB’s Message: What the National Lottery means for Uganda’s economy

With the enactment of the Lotteries and Gaming Act 2016, the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board has endeavored to regulate the gaming industry to protect consumers, promote responsible gaming, and ensure integrity in Uganda. Uganda National Lottery Benefits

Mr. Aloysius Mugasa Adyeri, Chairman of the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board, shares essential insights into the big advancements on the horizon for Uganda with the forthcoming National Lottery.

Aloysius Mugasa’s Brief

As a result of the implementation of the Gaming Sector in 2016/2017, Government revenue collection has grown by nearly 800% from UGX 17.16 billion in FY 2015/16 to an impressive UGX 151.97 billion in FY 2022/23.

In addition to the Agency Agreement with Ithuba Uganda Limited, which entailed a substantial investment of US dollars 15 million, the Board has recently completed a number of significant accomplishments. As a Zamani Holdings and Ithuba South Africa subsidiary, Ithuba Uganda Limited provides technical and financial services.

For the Government, the National Lottery raises revenue. The Government expects to collect UGX 147 billion annually from taxation and non-taxation. In addition, UGX 87 billion (14.93%) from gaming taxation and UGX 60 billion (10.07%) from non-taxation will be used for good causes at a minimum.

One of the major benefits of the National Lottery’s launch is the future creation of new jobs in areas such as public infrastructure, health, education, and sports development. As part of its operations, the National Lottery will need a diverse workforce that includes retail outlets and customer support centers, offering thousands of Ugandans employment.

As a result of these job opportunities, not only will unemployment be reduced, but also social welfare will be improved. The National Lottery is expected to create 1,700 direct jobs in Uganda and many indirect jobs.

Additionally, a percentage of gross sales will be allocated to Corporate Social Investment. That is because it will be translated into at least UGX 1.5 billion per year for community empowerment programs in various locations. Uganda National Lottery Benefits

Though critics may question if Uganda’s National Lottery will greatly affect the economy of the country, history has proven that successful lotteries can, in fact, have a significant economic impact. The Board is confident that the National Lottery will significantly contribute to raising government revenue and promoting social responsibility in all its activities.

In addition, Uganda’s regulator, the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board, and ithuba Uganda Limited, the operator, carefully incorporated clauses to promote responsible gaming and prevent citizens from becoming addicted to gambling or other social problems. Provisions have been carefully crafted to prevent the fear that lotteries exert the strongest temptation to play on those who cannot afford it.

It has been recognized that addiction is a danger elsewhere, and some lottery providers have developed special initiatives to combat it. Veikkaus’ Responsibility Evaluator Tool evaluates existing and planned games from the perspective of gaming addiction. Based on the results, changes or restrictions to the games are recommended. We intend to do the same.

Operators are expected to comply with all the established regulations under the Board’s all-inclusive regulatory framework.

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In this regard, it is important to note that the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board also commits to responsible gaming. To share information, develop research, and promote responsible gaming broadly, the board will work closely with all relevant stakeholders, including Government, non-government organizations, regulators, researchers, public health professionals, and the general public.

To meet their objectives, licensed Operators in Uganda must take reasonable and balanced measures while protecting the interests of their customers and vulnerable groups.

Dedicated helplines will be established to avoid overshadowing the positive aspects of the lottery with negative consequences. Despite these changes and complexity, the board remains committed to fulfilling its potential, delivering its mission to the fullest, and supporting the Government to mitigate against threats by the World Bank to withdraw from Uganda’s funding. Uganda National Lottery Benefits

The National Development Priorities were outlined in the Sustainable Development Plan III (NDPIII) on 15th December 2022.

Using technology, the board envisions an industry that is technologically driven and revenue-generating, free of adverse effects. In order for Uganda to prosper, there is a need to harness technology together. National Lottery revenue is not just about monetary gains; it fosters holistic growth that transcends financial metrics.

As a result of the upcoming National Lottery, Uganda stands to gain tremendous economic opportunities. With a focus on addressing potential concerns and nurturing a culture of responsible gaming, Uganda’s entry into the world of lotteries is poised to be a success story that resonates across industries and sectors.

That proves that effective regulation and innovation can lead to social and economic transformation. Uganda National Lottery Benefits

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