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New Partnership Between UK and Botswana Gambling Authorities!

In a landmark development for the gambling industry, the Gambling Authority of Botswana and the esteemed Great Britain Regulator, the UK Gambling Commission, have joined forces to foster collaboration and innovation in regulatory practices.

The partnership was solidified through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) following productive discussions at the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) conference held in Gaborone in October 2023.

The MOU between the Gambling Authority and the Gambling Commission emphasizes a collaboration to improve responsible gambling practices, consumer protection, and regulatory frameworks. Both entities will share knowledge and resources to create a safer and more transparent gambling environment for all stakeholders.

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The collaboration enables the sharing of insights on strict enforcement methods, innovative approaches to regulation, and the detection and prevention of illegal gambling activities within the industry. In a joint statement, the Gambling Authority and the Gambling Commission emphasized their commitment to working together and leading a new era of cooperation and innovation in the field of regulatory practices. They expressed their shared vision of a diversified, compliant, and safe gambling industry that upholds the highest standards of consumer protection and fosters responsible gambling habits.

 With the signing of the MOU, the Gambling Authority of Botswana and the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, aim to serve as role models for other regulatory bodies around the world encouraging them to explore partnerships that can drive positive change and address the evolving challenges of the gambling industry.

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