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Meet the BiG Africa Summit 2024 Award Winners!

The BiG Africa Summit took place in Johannesburg, South Africa and the last major igaming event of March was nothing short of amazing. The second night of the ceremony saw the top players in the igaming industry receiving awards for their outstanding contributions to the sector in Africa.

Please join us in extending congratulations to visionaries and industry leaders who were honored at the BiG Africa Summit 2024.

BiG Africa Summit Winners!

Winners at the BiG Africa Summit for the ‘Big 5 Awards’ are:

Elephant Award

Winner: iGaming AFRIKA

Award Description: Gentle giants with a strong sense of community and leadership, elephants are the largest terrestrial animals in Africa. The 10th Annual BiG Africa Summit 2024 recognizes the biggest participant with the Elephant Award. This award honors the participant who has made the most significant contribution towards the growth and development of the community.

Rhino Award 

Winner: BetConstruct

Award Description: Surviving and thriving for over 20 million years, the Rhinoceros is a true symbol of loyalty and endurance. This award recognizes the company that has shown exemplary loyalty, commitment, and support towards the summit over the years.

Leopard Award

Winner: WA.Technology

Award Description: With their iconic markings, leopards are among the most distinctive big cats in Africa. The award is presented to the exhibitor with the most visually attractive and impressive exhibition stand.

Buffalo Award

Winner: BetConstruct

Award Description: Known for their size and strength, buffaloes are the epitome of power and dominance. The Buffalo Award is presented to the most competitive company. This award recognizes the company that displays outstanding competitiveness, resilience, and strength in the highly competitive landscape of the betting and iGaming industry.

The Lion Award

Winner: Martin Sack

Award Description: Known for their roar that can be heard up to 8 km away, only the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar can roar among big cats. The award is presented to the speaker with the most impactful and powerful presentation, who roars the loudest, and earns the title of the king of speakers.

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Additionally, BiG Africa Summit celebrated the remarkable women in gaming who have left an indelible mark on the industry with their talent and dedication. The awards for the most outstanding women in the gaming space went to:

Spirit of Africa

Winner: Emily Asava

Award Description: This award acknowledges an individual who has been a prominent and vocal advocate for women in the industry across many conferences and events – always taking centre stage and not afraid to voice her opinion. Her positive spirit has soared across the continent and has empowered others to do the same.

Champion of Growth

Winner: Christina Thakor-Rankin

Award Description: This award recognises an individual who has displayed remarkable strength, successfully growing a startup into a thriving empire, inspiring other women to follow in her footsteps.

Rising Star in Leadership

Winner: Sasha Boerma

Award Description: This award recognises an individual who has shown exceptional leadership skills and made a significant impact on their gaming business/company.

Innovation Queen of Africa

Winner: Purity Wahiu

Award Description: This award honours the individual who has been an innovative thinker, transforming the industry to promote diversity in their business/company in Africa.

Awareness Lioness

Winner: Lois Bright

Award Description: This award celebrates an individual who has spearheaded a new movement, raising significant awareness for women in the South African iGaming industry.

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