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Some Solutions We are Looking for Abroad May be Found Next Door: Clesio Dias

Clesio V. Dias, Head of the Department of Technological Innovation and Service Modernization at the Angola Gaming Supervision Institute (Instituto de Supervisão de Jogos de Angola), believes that many of the problems facing the African gaming industry can be solved locally without seeking external solutions.

In an exclusive interview with iGaming AFRIKA, Dias represented Director General Paul George Ringote and emphasized that Africa’s gaming industry faces similar challenges that can be addressed if Africans are willing to look within.

According to Dias, many of the challenges faced by African gaming regulators are identical, and the solutions they seek abroad may already be available locally. He pointed out that often, African regulators overlook opportunities for collaboration and learning from each other, resulting in missed opportunities. “We have many similarities, and we share many of the same challenges,” Dias said. “And because we sometimes don’t open doors to each other, then we miss opportunities.”

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Dias stressed the importance of young African gaming regulators exploring learning opportunities through expos and conferences with other regulators from Africa. This, he believes, is crucial for creating a responsible gaming environment on the continent and attracting investors who are interested in the African gaming market. Clesio Dias Angola Gaming

By learning from each other’s experiences and best practices, African gaming regulators can develop more effective solutions to the challenges they face. This approach can also help to foster greater cooperation and collaboration among regulators, leading to a more unified and effective approach to gaming regulation across the continent. Clesio Dias Angola Gaming

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