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Superbet and São Paulo in Talks over a Gigantic Sponsorship Deal in Brazil

Superbet is in talks to become the primary sponsor of São Paulo starting in 2024. The agreement could potentially generate an annual revenue of up to 52 million reais for Tricolor Paulista and has the potential to extend for a duration of 4 years. Sponsorship

The bookmaker’s logo, a renowned leader in European markets including Romania and other nations, will be prominently placed on the São Paulo team’s uniform. It will be incorporated in the most prestigious position, both at the central front and back.

Apart from men’s football, the partnership between Superbet and São Paulo would encompass the club’s men’s basketball and women’s football as well.

The betting company is prepared to engage in a groundbreaking investment, recognizing that São Paulo has the potential to provide substantial media gains and enhanced visibility starting from the upcoming year.

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By clinching a historic triumph in the Copa do Brasil, the São Paulo club has secured a direct qualification to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. This remarkable achievement serves to amplify the brand’s visibility even more. Superbet São Paulo Sponsorship

As of now, the space is being utilized by another company in the sports betting industry, The current partner has the first right to match the proposal provided and prolong their sponsorship of the team.

The partnership between and São Paulo will continue until the end of 2024. If Superbet takes over the partnership, they will be required to pay the specified penalty outlined in the breach of contract provision.

Superbet’s strong desire to leave a mark upon entering Brazil is clearly evident in their major proposition to join forces with one of the most accomplished teams in the country’s footballing history.

Source: iGaming Brazil Superbet São Paulo Sponsorship

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