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SPRIBE introduces a thrilling Keno80 Game

Spribe, the company behind the popular crash game, Aviator has released an exciting keno80 game that combines thrilling gameplay, the chance to win big prizes, and an interactive social experience.

SPRIBE has infused its magic touch into Keno80, as the company ventures into another popular game vertical. This extraordinary keno title has captured the attention of the company.

Keno80 is specially designed for effortless play, particularly on mobile devices. This multiplayer game offers exciting probabilities, allowing players to win a whopping 10,000 times their bet. The objective of the game is straightforward: accurately predict the numbers drawn in each round.

Keno80 offers two-player modes, namely Classic and Last Ball. In classic mode, players have the option to select specific numbers to attempt a precise prediction of the drawn numbers. To win, the chosen numbers must match the numbers drawn.

In the game’s Last Ball, players are required to predict the numbers that will be drawn last. The probability of winning is determined by the number of correctly guessed numbers throughout the entire round of the game.

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The game is appropriately named “80 balls in play” because there are exactly 80 balls available. In each game round, players have the option to select a maximum of 10 balls or simply wait for the last ball to be drawn. Eventually, 20 numbers are drawn in each game round.

Naturally, as a SPRIBE game, it is filled with added features to enhance the experience and encourage social interaction. One of these features is the inclusion of live statistics, showcasing the most significant daily, monthly, and all-time wins on a constantly updating dynamic leaderboard.

Operators have a promotions toolbox, including Free Bets, to assist in promoting Keno80. This will not only raise awareness of the game among new players unfamiliar with keno but also provide an additional reward for existing players.

SPRIBE, well-known for its popular game Aviator, which boasts a monthly player base of over 10 million, also offers an extensive range of other exciting titles such as slots, poker, mines, and more. With the introduction of Keno80, their lineup gets even stronger.

“Keno is a fun, thrilling game that is easy to understand and can be played by anyone. With Keno80, we have taken the original game format and given it the SPRIBE touch, making it multiplayer, social, and loaded with big-win potential.

“Non-traditional content is starting to dominate online casino game lobbies, with Aviator very much leading this revolution. But games such as Keno are also becoming more popular, and we believe that Keno80 sets the standard for others to follow.

“We look forward to seeing our operator partners add it to their game lobbies and for players to have a go at correctly guessing the numbers drawn. Guess right, and a massive win is on the cards,” said Giorgi Tsutskiridze, CCO at SPRIBE.

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