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We Need to Build a Strong Foundation for Affiliates Marketing in Africa: Gali Hartuv

Gali Hartuv, CEO of Warrior Lab, emphasized the need for an enabling environment for affiliate marketing to thrive in Africa.

Gali who was the moderator of a session on Unlocking the potential of South Africa’s internet sports scene and affiliate marketing opportunities at the SiGMA Africa 2024 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa gladly shared his takeaways following the discussion.

“The biggest starting point is laying a foundation and creating an environment that encourages affiliates to come, that gives them the information that they need in order to enter the market and feel supported.

“We need to be able to create the structures and have transparent information that tells people exactly where to go. The environment right now is not affiliate-friendly. We need to provide that platform in order to bring them in.”

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In his discussion, Gali highlighted the challenges in the affiliate space in Africa and drew parallels with the VIP gaming ecosystem, a sector he has vast experience in.

When asked about VIP players in Africa and how brands can capitalize on them for growth, Gali stated, “It is absolutely a fact that VIPs exist in Africa. We have an incredible market for VIPs and developing VIPs in Africa. We have a growing market as a continent. The entire continent is ripe for VIPs.”

Gali Hartuv also emphasized the importance of understanding the market and creating strategies tailored to attract and retain VIP customers when offering advice to operators and businesses on identifying VIP players and maximizing their potential. Gali Hartuv Affiliate Marketing

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