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Cofek in Court over use of Speed Dial feature by betting sites in Kenya

A judicial challenge has been filed by the Consumers Federation of Kenya against what it alleges is the establishment of illegal usage of a “Speed Dial” on several web browsers that is being used to advertise gaming, lottery, and betting operations. Cofek Court betting Speed Dial

The entity asserts that the illicit usage of the speed dial is being exploited for sharing data that puts users at significant danger.

According to a request made by Cofek through attorney Lydia Kemunto, the Betting Control and Licencing Board ordered all gambling companies to cease utilising the speed dial feature for promotion within seven days of receiving a letter from the board dated August 11, 2023. At that time, guidelines would be made available in collaboration with the Communication Authority.

While some licensees of the betting control board have allegedly cooperated with the instructions, the group alleges that several of them have flagrantly disobeyed the regulators’ order and continue to advertise on a browser, causing a serious risk to children and other vulnerable individuals.

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Cofek is requesting a ruling that the issue is of public interest and that the petitioner’s consumers are entitled to the protections and rights outlined in the constitution.

The Respondents herein have individual and collective roles in monitoring the activities on the internet to safeguard Kenyans from exploitation by third parties including but not limited to internet browsers in Kenya.

Cofek says in court documents.

If the orders requested here are not given, the organisation fears that the legal entitlements of consumers in the Republic of Kenya will be violated.

The Betting Control and Licencing Board is charged for enabling betting organisations (licensees) to participate in exploitative advertising that “intentionally and willfully directs consumers to betting and gambling websites despite taking cognizance of the risks posed.”

In the circumstances, the Applicant contends that the conduct of the 1st Respondent(Betting Control and Licencing Board) herein having neglected to regulate its licensees, is tainted with abuse, arbitrariness, illegality, irrationality and in flagrant breach of the law and our constitution.

Cofek claims.

Cofek further requests a ruling that the Respondent violated Articles 46, 53, and 56 of the Constitution by disregarding and/or neglecting to control the advertisement. Cofek Court betting Speed Dial

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