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Colombia Gambling Regulator Issues Updated Gambling Ads Resolutions

Coljuegos, the gambling regulator in Colombia, has issued the latest resolution outlining how it would regulate gambling if approved by Congress by issuing Ads resolutions.

The resolution it released would assign it control over all marketing, sponsorships, advertising, and “any other form of commercial communication” related to gambling.

The resolution specifies branding, social media, and sponsorship guidelines among other things. New limitations on advertising spending, rules for advertising content, and penalties for noncompliance are also included.

The resolution includes new guidelines for ethical gambling in addition to Coljuegos’ expanded advertising authority. It requires operators to set up procedures and systems designed to identify warning indications of gambling harm and to prevent these users from receiving communications about gambling.

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New guidelines regarding payments are also presented. Operators will only be permitted to take deposits from customers using pre-paid credit cards after the resolution is implemented.

The resolution prohibits operators from representing advertising promotions as risk-free or complimentary in a “false or misleading” manner. Additionally, operators are not permitted to distribute marketing materials to those who have chosen to self-exclude.

Businesses are not allowed to mislead customers about the true nature and features of the game. Testimonies from individuals who have benefited from their gambling operations will not be permitted.

To limit the exposure of minors, Coljuegos mandates that operators impose age limitations on their search engine advertisements. Colombia Regulator Ads Resolutions

Additionally, the regulations prohibit the placing of advertisements in places like health centers and classrooms where young people may congregate. Only operators licensed by Coljuegos will have the ability to enter into sponsorship deals with Colombian sports teams.

Operators will only be permitted to set aside up to 20% of their project’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) for marketing or promotional purposes under the new regulations.

Businesses must give Coljuegos an annual advertising investment plan that stays within the allotted limitations in order to monitor compliance with these standards. To guarantee compliance, the regulator may also ask for quarterly marketing and advertising costs.

The Colombian Congress must approve these proposed reforms before they can be implemented; if they are approved, new regulations will have to be published by January 1, 2024.

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