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Incentive Games Partners with bet365 to Supply Exciting F2P Game

The new game continues the long-standing collaboration between the two companies as they build excitement for the Royal Ascot. This exciting venture combines Incentive Games’ expertise in developing engaging gaming solutions with bet365’s commitment to delivering top-quality experiences to its customers. Through their collaboration, the two companies highlight the importance of innovation in the gaming industry as competition continues to mount. bet365 incentive games

New and Eligible Customers Can Win Risk-Free Rewards

6 Horses Challenge operates similarly to Incentive Games and bet365’s previous collaborations, presenting players with a free-to-play game they can engage with to win real cash prizes. Inspired by the Royal Ascot, the game asks players to pick six horses in six selected races, rewarding individuals with four or more correct guesses. 

Four correct picks grant players access to a £10,000 ($12,780) prize pool. Users with five successful guesses will share £25,000 ($31,960), while the lucky few who correctly choose all six winning horses are in for a share of the top £100,000 ($127,860) prize pool. bet365 was confident the challenge would follow the success of its previous F2P promotions, giving players a unique way to engage with their favorite sport.

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The new game brings several benefits to bet365 and its users. It offers players a chance to engage with horseracing in a novel way. They can hone their skills, learn more about the sport, and earn rewards based on their performance. bet365, on the other hand, can leverage the promotion to attract new players, increase customer engagement, and enhance the overall user experience.

The Two Companies Strengthen Their Leadership Positions

6 Horses Challenge would be impossible without the involvement of Incentive Games. The company is among the leading free-to-play providers in the iGaming industry, collaborating with bet365 on past occasions like the Fifa World Cup. Incentive Games CEO and co-founder John Gordon was excited to maintain the two companies’ winning relationship, lauding the new game as a champion in its category.

We’re delighted to partner with… bet365 yet again and continue to serve up the world’s favorite games for the world’s favorite gambling brand.John Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Incentive Games

This collaboration is a testament to the industry’s commitment to pushing boundaries and providing players with captivating new experiences. Their latest game offers a risk-free environment for players to explore their horse racing instincts and enjoy the excitement of the sport. The promotion’s added draw will also be a valuable tool for bet365, aiding the operator’s US expansion efforts.

Both companies continue demonstrating their commitment to innovation and providing players with fresh and engaging gaming opportunities, marking them as true leaders in their respective fields. By introducing horseracing in a free-to-play format, their new game opens up new avenues for individuals to explore and appreciate the sport, with many hopefully remaining to enjoy bet365’s other offerings.

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