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Nairobi plays Host to the Africa Football Business Summit 2023

The second Africa Football Business Summit, an annual event organized by the Football Foundation for Africa (FFA) with an aim to transform the future of African football, was recently concluded in Nairobi. Africa Football Business Summit 2023 Nairobi

Innovative ways to elevate, invest in, and transform African football to new heights were discussed at this year’s summit by world-renowned athletes, business leaders in the sports industry, government representatives, and specialists.

FFA is a global social corporation that seeks to encourage investment in grassroots development in Africa with a primary objective of creating employment opportunities. It also seeks to safeguard the pillars of African football, such as talent and passion, by advocating for improved game administration at all levels.

The 2023 summit is already in positioned to revolutionize African football business endeavors that center on crucial knowledge production and dissemination infrastructure, collaborative leadership, and forward-thinking growth methods.

The summit also aims to strengthen African nations’ ability to use their football potential to promote unity and growth in the continent as a whole.

The African Football Business Summit 2023, according to Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Principal Secretary (PS) John Ololtuaa. He added that he yearns to be a part of the historic occasion uniting Africans while highlighting the importance of the conference in fulfilling the great potential of African soccer.

It is a platform for the exchange of ideas and the creation of partnerships that will drive the development of football on this continent.”

stated Ololtuaa.

Football has the capacity to transform lives and communities, according to Sarah Solemele, the head of FIFA‘s African Development Department, who spoke at the occasion.He reaffirmed FIFA’s commitment to supporting summits like today, which offer a special chance to talk about creative methods to help the development and governance of soccer in Africa. Africa Football Business Summit 2023 Nairobi

I look forward to engaging in meaningful and sustainable discussion at this event.

said Solemele.

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Brian Wesaala, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Football Foundation for Africa, acknowledged the value of information sharing and teamwork at the same time.

Our goal is to unite the football community and foster a spirit of collaboration, and together, we can create a sustainable football ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, from players and coaches to fans and administrators. This is time for Africa. We are ready and primed for a new era of success for our teams and players.

stated Brian.

FFA is built on four pillars: opportunity creation, environmental protection, player empowerment and protection, and authentic cooperation. Africa Football Business Summit 2023 Nairobi

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