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Opera Rolls Out Free Internet Access In Kenya

Opera, a well-known web browser, has revealed intentions to offer millions of Kenyans free internet access through its main product Opera Mini. Opera Kenya free internet

The tech company claims that the change was made in an effort to strengthen its presence throughout Africa.

Our mobile products and services are developed first and foremost with the African consumer in mind,  we have invested in the region to bring more people online and offer them the fastest and most reliable internet connection. Around 40 million people across five countries have benefited from free data campaigns up to now, so we consider it to have had a high impact on fostering digitalization.

Jorgen Arnesen, Vice President Mobile Opera Mini Executive

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The internet company added that it has extensively invested into products in for Kenya in an effort to make browsing quicker, less data-intensive, or even free. This, it said, is in collaboration with top local, regional, and international businesses to guarantee our users have the finest online experience.

Our products are specifically designed to cater to local needs, which have garnered positive feedback and significant attention. As stated in our strategy, we’re committed to building solutions with African consumers in mind, so we’re doing exactly that. To make a proper data-saving browser, we started to successfully install new local servers, including one in Nairobi. The servers speed up online browsing, making the connection times up to four times faster than before when using Opera mobile applications like the popular Opera Mini browser.

Jorgen Arnesen

This is great news to gambling fraternity in Kenya considering internet is one the core factor in enabling gambling to succeed. Most of the common people who involve themselves in gambling usually laments on the high data consumption, resulting to less time in betting sites. These makes a challenge people to try out other features in a betting site especially casino games. Also, this will assist internet coverage in the region, in line in making Kenya a tech hub in near future. Opera Kenya free internet

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