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Reviewing the Past, present, and Future of Gambling in Africa

Gambling in general, including sports, has expanded rapidly throughout Africa. The business of placing bets on which sports team will win has grown to be very lucrative. According to recent research from Dublin-based Research and Markets, the worldwide gaming market may be worth $635 billion by the year 2022.

Millennials in Africa, particularly in the SubSaharan Africa region, bet on football on their mobile phones for less than $50 USD each month.

According to a recent GeoPoll quick survey conducted among young between the ages of 17 and 35 in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, Kenya has the greatest number of betting youth in that report. In Kenya for instance, Nairobi is the country’s biggest gambling hub with 18 gambling establishments, 128 tables, and 908 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.  

Casino Flamingo, which is located in Nairobi’s Westlands area, is said to be the biggest casino in the entire nation of Kenya. The Casino has 160 gaming and video poker machines in addition to 15 tables and 2 poker tables.

In a study earlier this year, GeoPoll found that young consumers spend more than 50% of their income on personal care. Compared to gambling, this is substantially higher. Due to their strong affection for sports and the abundance of local sports betting players, male African Millennials in Sub-Saharan Africa are growing more and more interested in gambling, as mentioned in the research.

The majority of teenagers in Sub-Saharan Africa have attempted gambling, according to the survey (54%). Kenya has the largest percentage of young people who have ever gambled or bet, at 76%, followed by Uganda, at 57%. Ghana has the lowest number with 42%. 

Comparatively speaking to other Africans, Kenyans gamble the most frequently. The majority of Kenyans gamble once a week, compared to the others who typically wager once every month. Sports betting was also found to be the most popular in the region. Weekends are when most football games are scheduled, particularly in the English premier league, further read the report. 

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Thirst for Sport Betting

Football betting is the most widely used form of gambling in Africa, with the exception of South Africa. With 79% of their wagers made on football games, Kenyan youngsters place the most wagers.

Lotteries are a more popular form of gambling in South Africa than football, casinos, racing, and poker.

High Smartphone penetration

The most practical instrument for gamblers is now a cell phone. 75% of bettors place their wagers on their mobile devices, with Kenya recording the highest mobile gambling usage rate at 96%. Despite having the highest mobile penetration in Africa, South Africa has the lowest mobile gambling usage at 48%.

Mobile devices have become Africa’s Las Vegas. With a growing youth population that is still characterized by its adoption of technology, football betting and the recognition of English football leagues both continue to rise. The potential for a consistent and unrestrained dominance of sports entertainment and gambling in sub-Saharan Africa exists despite the fact that the stakes are not yet very high.

Using the GeoPoll smartphone app, 3,879 youth from Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania participated in this GeoPoll rapid survey in March 2017.

The Jackpot Prices

Kenya is the country with the most gambling revenue. In contrast to youth in other African nations, the majority of youngsters in Kenya wager once each week, spending approximately $50 per month, largely on bets on football. Youth in other countries typically only wager once every month and spend less than $50 USD. Under $50 is typically spent on wagers per month and most people have never won any money.

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