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Slot Trumps Player Behaviour Report by EveryMatrix; Stats from Nigeria!

EveryMatrix, one of the pioneer aggregators in Africa, offers early-stage player behavior insights,focused in Nigerian market.

To begin with the top 5 game themes preferred in Nigeria are classic themes such as Animals and Fruits, but Asian themes also rank high as in the case of the Brazilian market. Based on top 250 games, classic themes lead by 4%, Animals 3.7%, Fruits 3.5%, Action themed 2.8% and Asia themed 2.1%.

Additionally, when it comes to top game features preferred in Nigeria, players prefer games with free spins as this bonus feature offers them more gaming time, which can be correlated with the large number of sessions per each 90-days time-frame.

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The top 3 Base-Game Features are Wild 13%, Multiplier 10%, and Scatter 6% based on 250 games. The top three bonus features Nigerian players play Free Spins 55%, Jackpot 35%, and Buy Feature 20% based on top 20 games.

Wagering Behaviour of Nigerian players!

Nigerian players bet less than the world average in the Slot-matrix network. In comparison, average bet in Nigeria is similar to the one in Germany. Nigerian Players wage a minimum of 0.14 euro for top 20 games.

When it comes to game volatility, Nigeria players have become more and more interested in online casino games, This may lead to the most played games influence the market’s average volatility. As it stands at the moment, Nigeria features the lowest volatility in the Slot Trumps series.

Game Sessions!

Nigerian players spend more time playing their favourite games, displaying the highest average session per player in the Slot Trumps series, but place relatively less bets in each gaming session, similar to Colombians. On average in the country there are 14 sessions per player per 90 days for top 20 games. There are 69 average number of bets per session in the top 250 games.

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