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BetConstruct Launches New Products to Enhance iGaming Experience

BetConstruct announced the addition of four more products in its portfolio which will help keep the gaming provider at the peak of the gaming industry. The products will improve player engagement as well as enhance partnership efficiency.

The company’s latest offerings include four new products tailored to meet the evolving needs of its audience while staying ahead of market trends and future possibilities.

To begin with, the first product is Bet on League. This is a comprehensive sportsbook and iframe solution, empowering operators with a wide range of betting options and detailed statistical analysis for informed decision-making and increased profitability. BetConstruct Products

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LOYA is the second product. This is a personalized loyalty program designed to enhance player satisfaction. It automatically adjusts rewards and incentives based on individual player behavior, LOYA fosters customer loyalty as well as provides valuable insights into player preferences.

Furthermore, there is Pocket Pro, This is an Android-powered betting app that extends betting capabilities beyond traditional betshops. This versatile app enables cashiers to accept bets, process payments, and manage player accounts, streamlining operations and improving convenience.

The fourth product is BetCloud. This is an innovative solution for handling high-volume bets with minimized risk. It leverages a network of BetCloud operators’ deposits, so operators can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and confidently manage large wagers.

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