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SIS Ltd – Provider of UK 49s Lottery Draw

With the popular numbers content offered by SIS Ltd, retail and online bookmakers have access to a variety of numbers products such as the UK 49s that will appeal to a wide range of bettors and promote profitable betting around-the-clock. Sis Ltd uk 49s

SIS Ltd’s Number Products

The SIS Ltd portfolio, which includes the renowned 49’s Original Live Draw, 39’s, Fast 15’s, Irish Lotto Bet, and World Lottos, offers operators approximately 200,000 betting events annually.

The benefits of 49’s portfolio of live numbers draw

Increased betting turnover

200,000+ highly engaging live draws per year.

Attract new audiences

A globally used product that is very well-liked by people of all ages and genders.

Increase the lifetime value of customers

There is always a betting event to keep clients interested in the 24/7 content with a betting event every two minutes.

Proven success

49’s performs substantially better than competitors in a variety of important regions, including in Africa!

Home of Original Live Lottery Draws

Online and retail operators around the world may access high-quality, high-margin live numbers draw thanks to 49’s, the market-leading fixed-odds live numbers product.

The very entertaining live drawings from SIS Ltd are delivered by a team of seasoned presenters who are well-liked and assist to generate substantially more income per draw for operators than competing products.

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Customers appreciate the opportunity to win large from a modest bet with the pick 6 from 49 formats, making 49’s a popular brand around the world for more than 26 years.

UK 49s Popularity

SIS Ltd’s well-known website ( provides results, statistics on the frequency of balls, and information about the presenters, and attracts approximately 1 million unique users each month. Additionally, the company’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) have a highly active audience where viewers may interact with the presenters directly and participate in contests.

Why SIS Ltd’s Products is a Must-have

From those looking to win large in the 49’s Original Live Draw to those looking for a regular betting chance with Fast 15’s delivering a draw every three minutes, the variety of live drawings has something to offer for all types of clients.

What Clients Say

49’s is such a long-established product, it’s been a great asset to us delivering plenty of engaging content at great margins!

says one of the operators who already has 49s on their platform.

About Integration

To guarantee that partners can launch and generate income as soon as possible, all of SIS Ltd’s products are simple to integrate. The organization offers assistance throughout and clear documentation.

Commercial Terms

To achieve win-win cooperation, the company offers typical commercial terms based on revenue sharing. SIS Ltd also offers marketing assistance. Additionally, it offers continuing betting research to help the operators increase their profit margins in order to help the operators launch the product and increase betting revenues.

How to Get UK 49s

Contact us at [email protected] right away to learn how 49’s live numbers draw can increase traffic to your retail company or boost sales at your sportsbook. Sis Ltd uk 49s

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